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Rusty, my rescued Jack Russell Terrier, taught me that pets often display signs of disease and suffering through their behaviors. After several visits to the vet he was diagnosed with separation anxiety.

Rusty is the reason that I started this company.  We provide dog owners with superior quality products to comfort their pets at all stages of life.  Rusty ran over the rainbow bridge and is living a life without pain or stress but he will live in our memorize forever as our logo.

We provide Hemp products manufactured by Folium Biosciences as they grow and process organic, non-GMO hemp on site. This is key because most manufacturers buy hemp from multiple farms making it difficult to control the strains and therefore quality.  In addition they provide us with lab test results with every batch.  We know the tests are accurate because all products are then tested again with our third party lab.  You can see these results here.

We have chosen Folium as our manufacturer because they provide the highest quality Full Spectrum Industrial Hemp available for Dogs and their Human companions.  All products are pharmaceutical grade and certified THC Free.   Always demand to see third-party lab results before purchasing.  Peace be with your on your journey.